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About us

Energy guru is a small group of dedicated professionals working towards a cost effective way to understand and  reduce one of your most expensive overhead costs, electricity.

Energy guru’s innovative and powerful energy monitoring tools allow you to do just that.

By providing convenient internet access to consumption data from your energy meter energy guru can provide detailed weekly reports on areas such as electricity consumption and automatic tariff analysis.

By providing us with historical data, this would allow easy benchmarking of current consumption against past performance. Also, since data is updated daily, you can immediately see the benefits of any energy savings initiatives you put into place or identify areas where improvements must be made.

Our expert technical and account management staff have worked closely with some of our top customers to develop a number of valuable and informative reports.

Our Services

No matter what industry you are in, or how large or small your organisation, it has never been more critical for businesses to measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption.


Protect your profits by automatically ensuring that you are ALWAYS on the lowest electricity plans.


Energy monitoring and alert solutions. Tenancy and sub metering, online tools to help manage and reduce costs and wastage.


Support for energy retailer disputes, costs recovery, system upgrades, renewable advice and feasibility studies. Energy Procurement and on-selling services.



If your business is faced with the need to measure, monitor & manage its energy use, then energy guru may be the answer.

Our online energy reporting tools provides detailed information such as:

  • Energy consumption
  • Max KVA & Max KW Demand
  • Power Factor
  • CO2 emissions

With your subscription, energy guru will provide you with weekly reports that are simple and easy to read, giving you the ability to save money quicker!

Put simply, energy guru is energy management made easy.


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